Probably enough has been written already on the annoying use of the word awesome these days. It is applied to everything from peanut butter to fad fashions. The Grand Canyon is awesome but a baby learning to say mama is not. A new outfit may be stylish, interesting, strange, becoming, or any number of descriptive adjectives—but it can never be awesome.

Now comes a new one that grates on my nerves. I’m good.

How are you today? I’m good.

Would you like another slice of cake? I’m good.

Can I give you a ride? I’m good.

I guess it was only a matter of time for such empty-minded replies as cool, neat, swell, hot, and other quick comments to reach the point where something far grander (like awesome) needed to take their place. It’s frightening to think what may supplant that overused (and misused) descriptive in the future. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious maybe?

But what in the world is the purpose of picking up the catch phrase, I’m good? Why doesn’t it make everyone cringe? Why doesn’t the dialog go something like this:

Tom: Can I give you a ride to work in the morning, John?

John: I’m good.

Tom: I didn’t ask for a character reference. Do you need a ride tomorrow?

It’s comforting to know that mindless verbiage eventually goes out of style. If you’re old enough you may remember when conversation was so garbled with the phrase, you know, that you almost needed a road map to discern where the speaker was going. Already awesome seems to be fading from the vernacular and, I’m sure, I’m good will go out of style. But (cringe) I can’t help but wonder what distortion of good grammar and language is waiting in the wings.

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