The Naked Zombie

They are about to be revealed—the real zombies, that is. They are not what we have come to think they are—hideous creatures risen from the grave in various stages of decomposition. Perhaps they have even contributed to that misconception as a means of keeping attention away from themselves.

Recent research has led a small trio of scholars to uncover the truth. It is so astonishing that they are struggling with the question of whether to publish their findings.

As a writer/researcher, I have come into possession of these remarkable revelations and have the blessing of the scholars to publish their discoveries in a fictional format, thus protecting them from the ridicule their work would likely receive from the academic and scientific communities.

The story is told in the soon to be available novel, The Naked Zombie, which will be published in eBook form. Keep your Kindles, iPads, and other devices warm. You won’t want to miss the revelations in The Naked Zombie.

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