Zombies and Kindle—what’s not to love?

For someone who’s had a book in hand for the better part of many decades, the Kindle is even better than the old hard cover or paperback books. How great is it to finish one book and download another within seconds? No more trips to the library or bookstore. And it feels just like holding a book with the added benefit of turning pages and bookmarking without damaging a page! It’s a reader’s dream come true! I’ve been talking to people who have other electronic reading devices as well, and (though I haven’t tried them myself) everyone seems to love the eBook ability to download great reads.

Now, as an author as well as an avid reader, I’ve published my latest book at Smashwords.com. Imagine getting a full length novel for only 99-cents!

Lose yourself in a tale of the true zombie, a living dead person whose astral body took off never to return but leaving the physical body in a state of living limbo. Find out what happens when a mortal woman falls head over heels in love with the zombie. Learn how a zombie can only be destroyed with difficulty, that creates a life threatening situation for the woman who loves the zombie, Basil Evans.

The Naked Zombie is an allegory of the lost soul that involves mystery, romance, adventure, and suspense. The story takes place in various settings around the world as Nancy Palmer works through her impossible love affair with Basil. Their relationship involves an adult situation not recommended for readers under the age of seventeen.

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