Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves revelations

Remember back a few years ago when novelist Anne Rice liberated the vampire? The old Bella Lugosi image of the vampire had become a cliche with the same book/movie being rewritten or remade over and over again. Then came INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE that freed up the genre to be creative resulting in excitingly fresh stories like the TWILIGHT series of books by Stephenie Meyer. Thank you, Anne Rice, for making it possible; and thank you, Stephenie Meyer for taking the theme to the next level.

So now is the DAY OF THE ZOMBIE, based on characters from the recently published eBook, THE NAKED ZOMBIE, available at Except in rare cases such as expressed in Edgar Allan Poe’s PREMATURE BURIAL, real zombies do not come crawling out of a grave. They do not look horrifying as a rule, but rather look just like the mortals they once were. As Brian (aka Basil) says in the forthcoming novel, DAY OF THE ZOMBIE, “Zombies, my friend, are those for whom the magic pinions and wizard wheels keep on turning. As to Poe’s question regarding the location of the soul, let me assure you that we have no idea.”

J Hamilton

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