With the new revelations about what really constitutes a “zombie,” comes the question of co-existence between the “living dead” and mortal society. The constantly heard phrase, “you can’t kill a dead person,” raises the question, “what do we do with criminal zombies?”

In studying the phenomenon of the “living dead,” the research team at Morgan University uncovered the only known ways of destroying zombies—prolonged exposure to fire or water. “It’s interesting that two of the basic elements—fire and water—are the only known means of destroying these beings,” said Dr. Clifford McShane, professor of the Grosbeck Chair at Morgan.

As more and more publicity has been generated in the pulp press about zombies, hate groups are beginning to pop up all over the nation reminiscent of similar groups that have historically oppressed minority people. Nancy Palmer-McShane, associate professor of philosophy at Morgan, commented, “Our research points to the fact that when a person undergoes the transformation from mortal to zombie, their basic character does not change. Therefore, a kind and benevolent person who transforms remains kind and benevolent. The converse is that when a hardened criminal transforms, that zombie has even greater power to do mayhem in the world. They leave no evidence such as fingerprints or DNA at crime scenes. This has been an investigative nightmare leaving a lot of cases unsolved.”

For highly principled zombies, this situation presents the moral dilemma—do they take the law into their own hands and seek out these criminal elements for destruction? The novel following THE NAKED ZOMBIE tackles that problem as a group of zombies in Los Angeles become alarmed by the rising rate of unsolved crime spreading across the city and the nation.

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