Identity thief and pond scum

I would tell you, creep, how your hacking my personal information and helping yourself to over $1,000 out of my bank account has worked a hardship on me and my family. But that would necessitate your having a conscience which obviously you do not.

Get out from your dark hacking place and find yourself a stagnant pond. Notice the dull and sickly green covering the surface. Smell its disgusting odor. Notice how it snuffs the life out of anything that might have lived beneath its surface. What you are looking at is YOU.

You are a thief, and when you sell that case of wine or the shiny new bicycle you bought with my money, you will also be dealing in stolen goods. And whoever buys those goods will be a fence. Nice company you keep.

If not today—some day you will make a mistake and get caught. That clever mind of yours that might have been used to solve legitimate social or medical problems will suffer the disgrace of having to face your criminality. And someday you will have to face your Maker. Let’s see you get out of that.

Given a choice between you and the pond scum, hard working people will always go for the green stuff. It doesn’t smell as bad as you!

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