The zombie Dr. Milhausen

Think about a Nazi war criminal who performed grotesque experiments on prisoners during WWII who, just before the defeat of Hitler’s forces, suddenly transformed in to a living dead man. He walks around in plain sight, a zombie who looks just like every other human on the planet. Except for the fact that his astral being took off and never returned to his physical body, Dr. Milhausen remains just as he was before the transformation. He is brilliant, handsome, and. . .consummately evil.

In THE NAKED ZOMBIE he is introduced when he is able to restore the disfigured beauty of the South African, Lindiwe, who was burned at the stake several hundred years ago after being accused of witchcraft. Now, in the soon to be completed novel, THE DAY OF THE ZOMBIE, Milhausen turns up in Los Angeles as the head of a vicious crime syndicate leading his gang of zombie and human criminals on a vicious spree that confounds the LAPD.

The only way to stop Milhausen and his organization is for the conscientious zombies to take the law into their own hands. They know how zombies can be destroyed, reducing them to a pile of vile smelling dust. Of course, it is a dangerous undertaking for the quartet of good zombies because the evil ones know the secrets of zombie destruction as well.

To further complicate the situation, groups of humans are organizing into a Klan set on destroying all zombies. They have learned one of the ways to destroy zombies, but they have been unable to identify them without harming innocent humans in their search.

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