Zombies and Congress

The new definition of a zombie is one who remains animate after losing his or her soul. It appears that zombies have taken over the United States Congress.

Has anyone noticed that from day one of the Obama administration, the opposition party has had only one agenda—to remove Obama from office? And Obama’s own party has only one agenda—to regain the seats lost in the last election.

Shame on all of you! You have collectively misread the signs of the times.

You all think it’s about Obama. It’s not. It’s about YOU. We are all sick to death of the failure of Congress to consider the people first and foremost. Your silly partisan games are not fooling anyone. The President of the United States does NOT make the laws—YOU do. And for the past decade you have fiddled while Rome burns.

Who created the situation that led up to the colossal downfall of the American economy? YOU did with your favoritism and cronyism watching the rich get richer on the backs of hard working middle class America. Did I say “middle class”? Why doesn’t that sound an awful lot like a caste system? Is someone saying, “Let them eat cake”?

Now someone has suggested putting the onus of raising the debt ceiling on the President. Do you really think the electorate is that blind or stupid? After the President arbitrarily raises the debt ceiling so that 70,000 people can receive their entitlements from the government, then the Congressional zombies can rub their hands together with glee that the economic mess still lingers, pointing accusatory fingers at the President.

In the novel, THE NAKED ZOMBIE, the formula for getting rid of zombies is revealed. Unfortunately, those methods do not work on Congressional zombies. But there is a formula—the ballot box.

That simple formula demanded by the American people will go a long way toward fixing the problem:
• First, vote them ALL out of office—yes, ALL of them.
• Demand term limits on ALL congressional seats to minimize the influence of lobby group interests.
• Get the Tax Code rewritten to be FAIR. And don’t even suggest “trickle down economics”! Americans deserve a flowing river, not a trickle!
• Stop trying to buy friendship with foreign countries! Limit the amount of foreign aid that can be allotted to any one country. The corrupt politicians in those foreign countries who get their greedy hands on those funds will just have to build smaller mansions.

And Voters, it’s not parties—tea or otherwise—who got us into this mess. It’s US! Until we can get past our own partisanship and stop voting for the zombies, the situation will never change. Let’s start voting issues instead of parties which have turned into an almost religious sectarianism.

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