Hear it for the Kindle

My Kindle already has an impressive collection of both classic and contemporary literature in its library I carry around with me everywhere. Sitting and waiting for kids to get out of school, planes to arrive, doctors and dentists to work you in—all this has never been more pleasant with a Kindle at the ready. About the only thing you can’t do in public with your “good book” is curl up with it!

Now I have another heap of praise for the Kindle Store! My Kindle screen went out and I was in deep despair. So I called the Kindle Store to see if there were anything I could do to restore my screen. No, I hadn’t dropped it, and no, it hadn’t been struck by anything, I told the polite young woman on the other end of the line. Then she informed me that there was no fix I could do myself. . .(gasp!). . .

But there was something she could do for me! I waited. “I’ll send you a new Kindle at no charge and you simply return the old one in the box this new one arrives in,” she said. I told the young woman that I had blogged before about my Kindle, and now I felt another blog coming on! And this is it!

If you’ve put off getting your Kindle, what’s holding you back? Once you get this marvelous potential library in your hands, you’ll have access to all the wonderful reading you once did but haven’t quite found the time to get back to. With your Kindle in your hand, you can read anytime, anywhere, and when you shut down, your place is automatically bookmarked so you just take up reading right where you were.

Oh, I could write for days on end about my Kindle. . .but right now I want to get back to reading that classic I always intended to read but never got around to a library to check out!

2 thoughts on “Hear it for the Kindle

  1. Yeah, the customer service is the best thing about getting a Kindle. Amazon also gives you 7-days to return a Kindle book you bought, no questions asked – very helpful in cases where he book’s formatting is terrible or you one-clicked by mistake. Other bookstores don’t offer these extra services at all.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I firmly believe that the Kindle and other such devices are the salvation of reading. I think more people should encourage kids to use these devices.

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