Kids, Kindles, and Kool

If Harry Potter taught us anything (thank you, J. K. Rowling), it let us see that kids will read. Kids also love gadgets. Put that all together and you come up with an unbeatable combination—kids’ books and Kindles.

Morris Rosenthal has put together a $0.99 reference book that lists over 1,000 FREE eBooks for kids and young adult readers. So a kid’s Kindle can be loaded up with hours of great reading at virtually no cost.

Remember the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew? The entire series of both classic works are available in eBook form at Plus there is a whole range of books available from $0.99 to $3.99. If you’ve been to a book store lately, the prices of print books can easily take your breath away. For less than the price of just one hardcover book, I have a library of over 100 books already safely stored in my Kindle.

Did you ever get half way through War and Peace borrowed from the library and run up some serious past due fines because you simply forgot to renew? Won’t happen in your Kindle. I recently read The Complete Short Stories of Edgar Alan Poe at my leisure. Somehow I had never gotten around to reading Orwell’s Animal Farm until I downloaded it for FREE onto my Kindle. It included 1984 which I re-read and got chills all over (again).

Kindle is not the only format for eBooks—there’s Apple iPad, Samsung has one, Blackberry has another, plus smartphones and even your laptop have apps for downloading books. I have the Kindle app on my Samsung notebook. But I’m crazy about my Kindle—it goes wherever I go and prevents boredom in those situations where I’m forced to wait.

And for kids, what about traveling? With eBook reader in their hands, we may never again hear, “Are we there yet?” Pretty “kool,” huh?

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