Zombies are on the move

THERE IS HISTORICAL FOLKLORE suggesting that various spells and chemical compounds have on occasion caused the dead to rise up out of their graves to stalk living humans. There is, however, a much greater body of testimony to suggest that the soul or astral body may leave the flesh in such a way that the physical body still functions. Consider all the tales of near death experiences and couple those with the literary fascination of being buried alive as in the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and you have a formula for creating real zombies.
Over fifty years after WWII, rumors still persist that Adolph Hitler’s Nazi scientists were on the verge of creating a zombie army. One of those scientists, Dr. Hermann Milhausen, was transformed as a zombie himself and is living in the Los Angeles area where a serious crime wave of unsolvable robberies and murders indicate that the evil doctor is increasing his vast wealth as he conducts experiments to allow him to transform zombies at will.
In opposition to Milhausen, a small group of zombies meet to find a way to stop the demented doctor. Brian Egan, one of the group whose fortune was made following the gold rush of the 1800’s, has the resources to aid a small group of exemplary zombies who are the core group in the battle against Milhausen. It is an observable fact that whatever the character of the human was before the transformation determines the character of the resulting zombie. Thus there are “good” zombies and “evil” ones.
To compound the current situation, a web of racial bigots thwarted by civil rights laws and their enforcement have discovered another target for their terrorist activities—zombies. So far, the zombies they have found and exterminated are not the criminal underlings of Dr. Milhausen. Leader of the group he calls the KZK, Cyrus demonstrates what happens when a zombie is destroyed:

Lifting the lid from a glass bell jar, Cyrus stepped aside as the gathered Klansmen leaned forward to see the mound of dust it contained.
“Damn, Cyrus! That smells to high heaven! Put the lid back on!” one of the locals shouted to murmurs of agreement.
“That,” Cyrus said, returning the lid to the jar, “is what is left of the zombie Mack and his boys got rid of last week. When they are destroyed, that putrid dust is all that remains of them. You’ve all seen those Hollywood movies about zombies rising up out of graves with their decaying flesh hanging loosely on their bones. Well, the truth is that a real zombie looks just like you or me. The difference is that the decay is inside them. You notice I didn’t say that Mack and his boys killed the zombie. You can’t kill something that’s already dead. But they destroyed the bastard, and that’s what we’re organized to do whenever and where ever we find them.”

The war is on two fronts and the prospects are daunting to the vigilante zombies who hope to stop both threats cold.

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