The Way It Is

The other night on DWTS I heard Chaz Bono say, “It is what it is,” when speaking about the judges’ scores. I could relate to that. I worked for employers up until the age of 65 and got some writing in as I could. Now, some six years later I am finally able to write full time. Now I need to sell books. I consciously decided to present my books as eBooks because I believe that’s the wave of the future.

Right now I am offering for FREE my first adult novel, THE NAKED ZOMBIE, which is available at Smashwords. The sequel, ZOMBIE WARS, will be out at a minimal price within the next few months. The zombies in these novels are not the stereotypical monsters, though there is a little of that in the ZOMBIE WARS. Rather these zombies (for want of a better term) are ambulatory beings whose bodies became separated from their souls (or astral beings) usually at a point of trauma and fear. If they were basically good people as humans, they are likewise good as zombies. If they were evil humans, that character not only doesn’t change, it becomes worse.

ZOMBIE WARS involves morally good individuals being assailed by a human Klan dedicated to eradicating all zombies on the one hand, and evil zombies set on eliminating them as powerful enemies. Leader of the evil zombies is a former Nazi prison doctor who finances his diabolical research through a syndicate of zombie criminals.

J Hamilton

To turn a phrase, the plot is “thick.”

So far over 100 people have downloaded the free novel THE NAKED ZOMBIE. That number needs to grow into the thousands. This is a modern Gothic tale that grows more chilling as the reader realizes these “zombies” look just like ordinary people but they are virtually indestructible. It will make you take a second look at people you meet.

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