Are zombies a ‘guy thing’?

My daughter recently commented that my grandson loves zombies. “I guess it’s a guy thing,” she said.

That put me to thinking about my zombies who become the living dead when a still animated body has been abandoned by its astral body. The human characteristic that remains within the make-up of the zombie is the inherent nature of the transformed. If the person was basically moral at the moment of change, the resulting zombie is a moral being. Conversely, if the person (like the evil Nazi medical doctor, Hermann Milhausen) is basically evil, then that defines the zombie he or she becomes.

THE NAKED ZOMBIE and the soon to be completed sequel, ZOMBIE WARS, are studies of the conflict between good and evil.

But why do zombies appeal to males whereas vampires capture the imaginations of females mostly?

My guess is that it has to do with romance. There is an element of the romantic in the vampire nibbling on the neck of the helpless damsel. After all, lovers have been neck-nibbling for centuries. But there is no romance in zombies. In THE NAKED ZOMBIE the heroine, Nancy Palmer, finds this out the hard way when Basil Evans’ love making is emotionless desire for the fiancée he left behind at his transformation. The attraction vanishes almost as quickly as it arises with the reality that Nancy will age normally whereas Basil will always be in his twenties.

In ZOMBIE WARS it develops that Milhausen’s Nazi research uncovered the mixture of natural drugs that create the frightening walking dead familiar to every aficionado of the zombie lexicon.

While Basil (now known as Brian) and his good zombie friends attempt to eliminate Milhausen’s crime syndicate, a fringe group of bigots calling themselves the KZK (Kill Zombies Klan) are mounting a war against zombies—good or bad.

So, I guess it could be a ‘guy thing’ after all, but I’m betting that women will also enjoy the strong females who are deeply involved in the ZOMBIE WARS.

(Give me your comments about the “new” zombies!)

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