Even the greatest don’t score all the time

Lately I’ve been catching up on reading some of the classics I somehow missed over the years. Well, it’s a piece of cake with my Kindle. I’ve even reread some novels that have been my favorites over the years like Dickens’ GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Since I downloaded an anthology of Dickens’ work, I started reading some of his other published works. With all due respect to an undisputed great writer, some of what I read was downright boring and the literary gimmicks don’t always work. Maybe they did at the time they were written, but they don’t hold up like DAVID COPPERFIELD, OLIVER TWIST, or A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

It was somehow refreshing to know that not everything an author writes is going to turn out to be the great universal novel.

Right at the moment, I’m working on developing my new take on zombies in THE NAKED ZOMBIE and ZOMBIE WARS (due out before the end of this year). There is an unabashed moral to the novels centering on the eternal good vs evil conflict. The tale of the zombies addresses such things as trust and bigotry. Nearly 200 people so far have downloaded THE NAKED ZOMBIE, which I am offering for free to introduce the concept. I’ve only gotten one review so far and (mercifully) that one though brief was positive.

My young reader’s book, VERONICA AND THE CAVE OF THE WIND is starting to sell. It’s a fantasy filled with magic and suspense. The sequel, VERONICA AND THE NEW WORLD, will be available as soon as I get it formatted for eBook downloading.

Let me hear from you at my website www.jhamiltonwriter.com.

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