Ten ways zombies are like politicians

10. Zombies don’t care how tax burdens hurt the poor either. They don’t pay taxes.
9.  Zombies don’t eat, so for the poor, “let them eat cake.”
8.  Zombies don’t buy health insurance. Politicians don’t either…they get it free for
life from the government.
7.  Zombies have their own agenda just like politicians.
6.  Zombies feed off the public. No more need be said.
5.  Zombies have frightening power. Politicians live for power.
4.  Zombies kill without conscience. Politicians send young men and women into
needless wars and manage to sleep at night.
3.  Zombies are above the law. Politicians try to be.
2.  Zombies scare people. Politicians do, too.
1.  Zombies don’t operate from emotion. Politicians try hard not to.

Find out more about zombies (we know too much about politicians already) by reading THE NAKED ZOMBIE, available as an eBook.

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