Book II of Veronica trilogy now available as eBook

It’s the New World where almost everyone has some magical ability. Joined by Veronica Wilde and Billy Swift Fox, the tribes of N’weden come together for the first time in history to battle a villain so vile and powerful that it appears all of their magic combined may not be able to defeat him.

That villain is Bra’thid, the vampire mage. He’s a triple whammy—a technology genius, banished from his advanced world in another far away galaxy; a powerful and accomplished wizard; and a blood drinking vampire. Having found a way to combine wizardry with his super computer, Bra’thid is after the ultimate aid to magic—the Mage’s Stone, which is not a stone at all, but rather a plain seashell etched with circuitry that will further enhance his computer wizardry strength.

To make matters worse, Bra’thid has discovered Ga’hamram, renamed Sharon by Veronica, who possesses exceptional power that she is only learning how to control. If he can capture her and drink her blood, he will no longer need the regular daily human blood he must have to keep from wasting away and losing strength. Not that he can be killed. As an immortal, he is totally without fear of Veronica and her friends who join forces to try and prevent Bra’thid from conquering the entire universe.

Veronica and the New World is now available for download to eBook reading devices. It is a sequel to Veronica and the Cave of the Wind.

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