Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Did you see it? A CBS investigation revealed that members of the US Congress can legally participate in insider trading, something that has landed many a citizen in jail. Why is it legal? They wrote the rules that way.

What ever happened to representing the people? A member of Congress earns (?) a salary of $174,000 not to mention the fringe benefits of travel, per diem, and only God knows what other freebies line their pockets. Then to top that off, according to CBS investigation, they can take economic information and buy or sell stocks relevant to that information before it ever becomes public knowledge. Legally!

So now Congress is trying to shut the barn door after the cows have escaped with a bill (will it ever pass?) prohibiting themselves, relatives, or staff members from participating in insider trading. If it passes, it will not be because it’s the right thing to do. It will be because the guilty parties got caught out.

And health insurance? Congress members seem to know what the public needs in the way of health insurance while comfortably covered by policies the public can only dream about. And the question is, “Do they get this for life after 5 years on the job?” They’re eligible for retirement benefits that soon, but the public has to work 20 or 30 years to get any kind of retirement benefits.

Now let’s play the “Blame Game.” Who’s responsible for these inequities? Sad to say, we are. We’ve sent these greedy fortune hunters to Congress for years and never paid any attention to what they are doing so long as we got the roads, bridges, public grants, and other earmarks back home.

It’s time we all wake up, clean house in Congress, and make sure we know what’s going on with the new batch we send there to look out for US.

BTW, thanks, CBS.

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