Speaking of zombies. . .

Recently I published in my blog Ten Ways Politicians are Like Zombies. My novel for mature readers, The Naked Zombie, presents the living dead as beings that are undistinguishable on their surface from ordinary human beings. The other day I was out of the room where the television was on, but a heard a commentator talking about zombies in Congress. He was talking about how they looked just like you and me. But they’re not like us except on the surface.

The commentator (I didn’t recognize his voice so I can’t identify him) said that the zombies in Congress were not like those decaying bodies from the grave rising up to eat human brains. But I wonder. Haven’t we let them feed off of our brains when we keep sending them back to Capitol Hill term after term? They’re out of touch with us, and we all know it. They go to Congress and become millionaires, sometimes by perfectly legal (for them) insider trading, while the general population faces rampant unemployment. They enjoy the best medical insurance in the world while the general population faces impossible medical premiums and ever rising medical costs. They bicker and squabble, vying for political position, adamantly refusing to even consider compromise to get things done. They’re not that out of touch with the overall population. They have us pegged. They know that whatever they do, we’ll keep sending them back again and again, that we’ll splinter over ideologies that only divide so they can conquer.

When is enough, enough?

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