Occupy book publishing

It’s time for independent authors/publishers to occupy the publishing houses!  Big publishers are pushing up the price for downloading a book in eBook format, trying to make it less appealing for readers to get their books electronically.  It’s the same principle as big banks trying to gouge customers for every penny they can get.  It’s Wall Street looking for ways to devise perfectly legal financial schemes that end up costing us—not them—when the whole thing falls apart. 

 What can independent authors/publishers do to combat this direct attack?

 One, start urging owners of Kindles, Nooks, and other reading devices to patronize independent publishers.  I have read many novels recently from indie authors and have not been surprised that many of them are quite good.  For example, I found it interesting that K. C. May in her novel, The Kinshield Legacy, was able to draw the central character so well.  Even established female authors often come up short trying to portray a man’s emotions.  Most female romance authors turn male characters into Fabian paper dolls, but not so May’s central character with his scars and missing tooth.  Challenge reader friends and acquaintances to find gems like this from independent authors and publishers.

 Two, let people know that the $25.00 bookstore hard copy can most likely be found at Amazon.com for less than half that price.  Anyone who has ever visited a used book store knows that it is possible to find hard copy books at reasonable prices. 

 Three, speak up!  Be like the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Get people to join you in castigating the greed that is trying to put the eReaders out of business!  In a world where the printed page is rapidly going out of style, where kids graduate from school with poor reading skills and almost no exposure to good literature, the eBook reading devices are appealing to techies who might not read anything otherwise. 

 Four, when you find an independently published book that really excites you, don’t keep it under your hat.  Promote it with friends and family.  Let us all occupy publishing houses and make our voices be heard!  We want to read.  And we want to be able to afford it!




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