The Murder of the Language

It’s time to hold a requiem. The American English language is being slowly strangled to death. Reading is a vanishing art form as text messaging lingo and acronyms take over communication.

So is it any wonder that TV (which used to be the model for correct speech) has deteriorated to illiterate gibberish. Sorry if that sounds tough. Below are but a few examples that assail the ears constantly on broadcast media:

• You can buy “assessories” at Harley Davidson;
• A specific team is “compromised” of eleven veteran players;
• In one 30-second commercial, “coupon” is also pronounced “quepon”;
• This morning I heard that new programs are on “are” (our) station;
• When did an orange become an ornge?
• And the one that sets my teeth on edge—pome for poem!

These are but a few. If you “Like” this blog, click it and leave a comment.

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