Rush Limbaugh is not the problem, Ms Fluke

Like millions of others, I was disconcerted by Rush Limbaugh’s unflattering remarks about the character of a young woman. For that matter, I am not comfortable with any virulent words directed at another human being—male or female. As I see it, though, the real problem is not Rush Limbaugh’s “potty mouth.” If he or anyone else wants to use words like “slut,” that’s his inalienable right under the First Amendment to the Constitution. (Although I rather doubt that broadcasting such language to millions of listeners is what the founding father’s had in mind about “freedom of speech.”)

No, the problem is not Rush Limbaugh. The first part of the problem is our societal acceptance of such language. Some words should be whispered and not shouted out over the airwaves. Some words should not be used at all. Yet the American public tolerates that kind of speech laced with those kinds of words. I am old enough to remember when kids got their mouths washed out with soap for using such words. When we decided to wink at that kind of vocabulary, we made it possible for the Rush Limbaughs of the world to assassinate the character of a young woman over the airwaves.

The second part of the problem is the fact that millions of people listen to such objectionable language daily, keeping the Limbaughs of the world on the air. The real guilty parties here are those people who tune in to hear such salacious language. Switch him off and Limbaugh would only be spouting that kind of language in a cheap bar to not so sober buddies.

Paying close attention to Limbaugh’s objections to the matter of insurance paid for contraception is not about anyone’s conjugal habits, it’s about money. His objection to Ms Fluke appears to be a kind of pot calling the kettle black. One cannot help but wonder how much public money was spent on Mr. Limbaugh’s addiction—investigation expenses, legal fees, rehabilitation, etc. Is it only bad if any tax payer money is spent on someone else?

The bottom line is this: Stop being shocked at Rush Limbaugh for his vitriolic tirades; Start demanding clean speech and human kindness everywhere and not just over the radio or TV. That will put the “shock jocks” out of business and our world will be a kinder, gentler place to live.

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