Ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves…oh, my

Literary fantasy and the paranormal obviously fascinate thousands of readers.  I’m one of them.  Fantasy literature allows both the writer and the reader to let imaginations take flight.  Two of my recent books—one a YA novel and the other a more mainstream adult novel—feature central characters with different types of special magic.

 Veronica, the main protagonist in Veronica and the Cave of the Wind, came about after looking at wizardry from Merlin to Happy Potter and wondering why the most powerful magician always seems to be a boy or an old man.  Thus Veronica was born—a red haired young girl whose magical powers grow to the point that she is able to defeat the intergalactic wizard, Bra’thid, in Veronica and the New World.  

 In The Naked Zombie, Roger Danforth wields no wand nor throws lightning bolts from his fingertips, yet he has his own particular type of magic.  When he is shot or cut, he doesn’t bleed.  He has extraordinary strength and he never ages.  Created as a zombie when his soul (or astral self) takes leave of his body never to return, Roger is able to become a billionaire over two centuries of investment.  He uses his wealth and power to fight those zombies who are driven by the same evil impulses they had as normal human beings. 

Lately I have become intrigued by the more humanistic renditions of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and succubae in ScyFy Channel’s shows Being Human and The Lost Girl.  Like Danforth (aka Basil Evans) in The Naked Zombie, these characters all have a deep longing to be human with all the joy and heartache that come with everyday living.  These characters demonstrate the frustration of being unable to feel real human emotion.   

 Perhaps these mystical creatures serve to make us all appreciate more our lives as mortals while we vicariously experience powers and abilities that are beyond the reach of ordinary human beings.

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