The Naked Zombie and the real Afghanistan

The tragic events in Afghanistan where an American soldier allegedly went berserk and slaughtered 16 Afghan civilians bear a chilling reflection of the transformation of Marc Zonderman, a central character in the soon to be published The Zombie Wars.  In this instance, the roles are reversed when a small unit of Americans on patrol are ambushed and slaughtered by the Taliban.  Zonderman is the only survivor—but not as a human.

 War is inhuman.  It has made human zombies out of countless young men and women who suffer from PTSD as a result of the atrocities they have seen and the terror they have felt.  That a soldier apparently went off his rocker and exacted some sort of macabre revenge on innocent people (just as he no doubt had seen happen to his own fellow soldiers by people of the same culture) is tragic to say the least.    

 It is reported that the soldier in question was on his fourth deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  That raises the question—how much can an individual endure of carnage and bloodshed before he or she breaks under the pressure?  It also raises the question of the responsibility of military command for sending unstable men and women back into harm’s way again and again.

 That the USA went into Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden and break the back of Al Qaeda is probably justifiable after the senseless attacks on our home soil on 9/11.  How that turned into involvement  in Afghan politics is a real puzzle.  Whether the Afghan people want freedom or the oppressive rule of the Taliban is their own internal matter.  When a people reach the point where “enough is enough,” they take matters into their own hands.  Witness the Arab Spring.

 Look at our own history.  What if England had sent troops to the Confederacy during the American civil (sic) war?  At that time Europe was as interested in Southern cotton as we are in Middle East oil.  History of the USA turned out all right without major intervention from foreign nations.


Watch for The Zombie Wars to be published in eBook form soon.

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