Call Northside 777

After a short break from blogging, I got inspired the other night while watching Call Northside 777 on the classic movie channel.  Aside from the fact that it was an award winning screenplay and superbly acted by James Stewart, Richard Conte, and Lee J. Cobb, the thing that caught my attention was the shot of dinosaur printing presses swallowing up rolls of newsprint paper.  Then there were the clunky manual typerwriters and telephones that could be used as lethal weapons.  How things have changed in my lifetime!  I sat there wondering how many much younger viewers would have no term of reference for all those contraptions.

I haven’t bought a newspaper in years, and since I got my beloved Kindle, I’m no longer buying printed edition books.  After my grandson talked me into reading The Hunger Games, I downloaded it in seconds at a ridiculously low price and immediately began reading.  (When I finish reading it, The Hunger Games deserves its own blog.  Great read!)

What’s so great about eBook publishing?  On a personal level, more people downloaded my novel, The Naked Zombie, this past week.  At the low price of $3.99, I’ll make a better royalty than I would have off a print edition selling for $23.99.  Trees are saved and there’s no longer a need for walls of bookshelves.  Pretty cool, huh?

But back to Call Northside 777, it’s a great thing that well preserved movies document how things in our not too distant past were accomplished.  More impressive is that the documentation can be veiwed from any of a number of hand held devices today.

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