Rich and poor divide

The other day on TV there was one of those gimmicks so fondly presented on talk shows.  Two women walked onto the set dressed almost identically.  Both women were attractive and dressed appropriately for the most formal restaurant in New York City.  But there was a big difference between them.  The woman on the right was wearing designer clothes priced at thousands of dollars while the woman on the left had on similar clothes priced in the low hundreds.

Without comment on the various articles of clothing the women wore, the stunner was what each of them carried—their purses.  The bargain purse was less than $50.00, but the “designer” purse came in at almost $2000!

Now I get it.  People who can afford $2000 purses can also afford to pay more in taxes to start paying down the national debt. In all fairness, they should at the very least pay the same rate of taxes that poor and middle class people pay.  This has nothing to do with “sharing the wealth.”  That’s communism and takes “fairness” to the opposite extreme. 

One thing is patently clear, however, spending money on $2000 purses, multi-million dollar houses, and other extravagances doesn’t create jobs or “trickle down” economic improvements for the middle class.

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