Republicans, Democrats didn’t get it

Well, here we go again.  It looked like for a while the two political parties might just work together.  Republicans will budge a little provided lots of cuts are made to so-called “entitlements.”  Democrats will budge a little so long as tax for the wealthy increases.  Democrats offer a plan and Republicans laugh.  Republicans offer a plan and Democrats say “it ain’t enough!”  And all of this tomfoolery going on as we inch toward what you’re calling the “fiscal cliff.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen of Congress it is enough–enough of you.  You’re not pulling the wool over our eyes–it’s all about power and who wins.  This is no laughing matter, folks.  We sent you a message in November, but apparently you didn’t get it.  We want something done.  Now.  And we don’t want to see children go hungry, families without medical insurance, or the elderly living in fear that their Social Security might be messed with.

If we go over the so-called fiscal cliff, the stock market crashes again, and middle income Americans’ taxes go up, we might just have a cliff for you come November of 2014.  Come on Republicans and Democrats, start doing what we sent you to Washington to do. 

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