Newtown nightmare

Coincidentally, my amazing kindergarten grandson showed up with his mom and dad yesterday quite unexpectedly.  While I was hugging him and enjoying his lively spirit, a monster was murdering little kids just like him in Newtown, Connecticut.  Had I known that was going on at the time, I would have held him even tighter.

I am in Texas, but I suffer grief over such a tragic loss.  When I close my eyes I imagine what the brave first responders must have seen when they entered the school building.  Nobody should ever have to witness something like that.  Little children.  And it is happening all over the world.  Slaughter of the innocents. 

All kids want is to be loved and protected.  We are not doing a very good job of that, are we?  We overlook children as though they do not matter.  We care more for our lethal weapons than we do of our precious children.  We care more for our pleasure than we do for children.

We should not rely on children like Mala from Pakistan to be heroes.  Why should an eleven-year-old girl get shot in the head by the Taliban simply for wanting to go to school?  Why are adults not standing up for children like her?

In my community there is a woman recently indicted for locking up her small children in a bedroom while she allegedly was having an extra marital affair.  One of the children died in that room of dehydration and malnutrition, her little body scalded by her own bodily waste.  Her two sisters had to be hospitalized and brought back from near death.

What is the world coming to when children suffer needlessly or get slaughtered by madmen?  Why should small children be murdered by African rebels or, maybe even worse, conscripted into an outlaw militia to be human shields?  There is no sane answer to those questions.  How many children have been wounded or killed in Syria because adults struggle for power?

I hope we do not just grieve for the children, but get busy to protect them.  The pessimist in me fears that in a few days some other shocking news will become headlines and once again we will forget the children.

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