Guns in School: a Short Short Story

The headlines were announcing it.  Teachers in the school would take arms training and have guns available in the classroom.  At first they said the guns would not be in the classroom with children until someone figured out that a teacher would have no time to run to an armory if a gunman had entered the classroom with an assault rifle and a 30-round clip.  The story begins:

Johnny:  Psst, Bobby.

Bobby:  Yeah.  What is it?

Johnny:  Mrs. English just left the room.  Let’s look at her gun.

Bobby:  Oh, she always keeps it locked up in her desk.

Johnny:  Yeah, but I saw her put something in the gun drawer and she forgot to lock it up.

Bobby:  Really?  But what if she comes back and finds us with the gun?

Johnny:  Don’t be stupid.  She won’t say anything.  She’d be in a world of trouble if they found out she

                left the room with her gun drawer unlocked.

Bobby:  I guess you’re right.  Okay, let’s look at it.  I’ve always wanted to see it up close.

Johnny and Bobby go to the drawer and take out the pistol.

Johnny:  Wow, look at that!  It’s a Glock.  My Dad has one just like it.

Bobby:  Let me hold it, Johnny.

Johnny hands the pistol to Bobby.

Bobby:  It’s not loaded.  What good is an unloaded gun if a bad guy comes in and starts shooting?

Johnny:  Here.  Give it to me.  She’s got some bullets in here, too.  I know how my Dad loads his.

Johnny loads the pistol and hands it back to Bobby.

Bobby:  I wish we could shoot it.

Johnny:  Me, too.  But it’d make too much noise.  Let’s put it up before Mrs. English gets back.

The gun is pointed directly at Johnny’s chest as Bobby returns it.  Johnny gives it a tug.

 Bobby’s finger is still on the trigger.  The gun fires.  Johnny is dead.

Let’s not be naïve.  If there is a gun in the classroom, some child is going to get his hands on it sooner or later.  If the gun is not in the classroom and readily available to the teacher, what’s the point?  The intruder shoots open the locked classroom door and comes in to strafe the room full of innocent children.  The bottom line is that putting weapons in the classroom is an accident waiting to happen.

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