Lion is a two syllable word

Lately, something has begun to annoy me as I sit in front of the flat screen.  It’s those short words that actually have two syllables but increasingly get reduced to one.  Number one on the list is poem.  I actually listened to a radio program on PBS not long ago to a guest poet who kept saying “pome” and “potry” for “po-em” and “po-etry.”  Wonder if he ever writes “limricks”?  After listening  only long enough to switch the channel,  I jumped from frying pan into fire as I heard a Realtor keep referring to himself as a “Rillator” and a “rill estate agent.”   Or, how about a TV presenter who talked about going to a “line” preserve in Africa?  Was he looking for the rare and dangerous “parallel line”?  

I would like people to send me other examples of lost syllables they run across.  Drop me a line (not a lion) in the comments for this short post.

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