English language euthanasia

Well, it seems that pop culture is determined to destroy the last vestiges of the English language. As I sat watching (with horror) the Jimmy Kimmel late night show I could scarcely believe my ears. Jennifer Lopez was giving the host a crash course on language euthanasia. It began with the phrase “I luh ya,” which Miss Lopez explained means “I love you.” That was followed by several minutes of unintelligible speech that Kimmel helplessly tried to decipher.

Coming out of language shock, I wondered what the point was. It’s still a one-syllable word. Why kill it with sloppy articulation? Instead of learning all the mutilations of the English language, why not be more constructive and learn a foreign language like Spanish or French? The effort it takes to learn the distorted lingo could be much better spent, could it not?

Speaking of learning the pop culture lingo, I heard a famous personality of my generation trying to be up-to-date with hilarious results. Instead of saying “I’ve got you, bro,” she said, “I’ve got you, bra.” Forgive me, but I’ve got to say “LOL.”

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