Recycled Waste Water

As Joan Rivers might say, “Let’s get real” when we talk about water. Specifically, drinking water. It’s something we all need, and it’s in short supply all over the world. Yes, there are rivers and lakes in countless places that haven’t been affected by drought, but there is no practical way to spread it around. Besides that, rivers and lakes have become horribly polluted by man. Water conservation in drought areas is of paramount importance, of course. Water recycling is a major way of going about that conservation. But someone says, “Yuk! Are you saying we should re-use water that we flushed down the toilet?” Well, yes.

 All ground and underground water has to be filtered and treated before it is safe for human consumption. We all know that. What we also know is that waste water can be filtered and treated to be as pure as the lake and well water we drink every day.

 “But it’s just the idea!” someone complains, “I mean drinking water that…well, you know.”

 “Oh, come one. Don’t be so squeamish. What do you think all those fish and wading birds are doing in the lake? Do they hop out to visit the euphemism? (Most people don’t want to use the word toilet.) Then there are dogs, and even people, who seem to think a river or a lake is just one big waste watering hole. If you’ve never seen a boy or a man relieving himself in the lake, you’ve probably never been to a lake.

Truth is there are microbes, dangerous chemicals, effluent, and all sorts of nasty things in surface ground water that have to be filtered out and chemically treated to be safe for drinking. Even water pumped up for the diminishing aquifers must be purified. So let’s get real and understand that all water undergoes some sort of purification before we put it to our lips.

 “But I only use bottled water,” someone protests.

 Get serious. Where do you think that bottled water comes from? Bottled water trees? Water is a precious commodity. Let’s not waste time thinking about where it comes from. If it’s been treated and purified, drink it and be thankful.


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