The suffering of children

Many children do not survive abuse they endure behind closed doors and drawn blinds. The ones that do are scarred for life. Shame and distrust prevent most of those who escape their horror from ever telling their stories to another living soul. It takes real intestinal fortitude for a victim to come forward to say, “This is what happened to me as a child. Please don’t let it happen to other children.”

In his new book, The walls talked but nobody listened: a challenge to end child abuse, John D’Amico has mustered up the strength to expose the ugliest parts of his personal experience to the world. The abuse he suffered as a child runs the gamut of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse that can happen to a child hidden away in any house on any street and any neighborhood.

Everyone should read this book. Everyone should get a good look at how a child can suffer right under the noses of neighbors, educators, social workers, law enforcement, service technicians who come to the house, and politicians. All those people looked but did not see while John lived in pain and isolation during his formative years. It isn’t pleasant reading until the reader begins to see that John was an exception to the usual outcome of severe child abuse and neglect. He went on to make a success story out of his life, but he understands that few victims are like him in that respect, and he doesn’t want any child to endure what he went through.

Anyone who reads The walls talked but nobody listened: a challenge to end child abuse and is not disturbed probably has some real issues with empathy. I challenge you to read it. John challenges you to do something about it. The book is available now as an eBook and soon to be available in paperback.


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